MapVine® will revolutionize your sales process.

Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets. MapVine® helps you buy and sell telco.

Sales Reps

Selling is hard…..otherwise everyone would be growing organically. In today’s selling era, it is difficult to differentiate yourself through product knowledge alone. Your best chance of developing a new account or growing an existing one is by doing your homework and being prepared.

At MapVine® we understand that, between maintenance of current accounts and prospecting for new ones, it can be difficult to do the research that will differentiate you and your product. Your client will appreciate the effort you’ve put into an analysis of the their company, and further appreciate the effort you’ve put into outlining a solution in a visual fashion.

Key things you should know about MapVine®

  • MapVine® empowers the Sales Rep by automating tasks performed manually today.
  • MapVine® creates enterprise-specific B2B ecosystems which generate client discussion.
  • MapVine® puts control of the client discussion in the Sales Reps hands, and allows the Sales Rep to modify of the B2B ecosystem.
  • MapVine® provides digital tracking capabilities directly in the hands of the Sales Rep on opens, shares and discussions internal to the client.

Sales and Marketing Leaders

Do you have a detailed view into the prospecting activities of your Sales Reps? Specifically, can you pull up to the minute reports that detail – the companies they are prospecting into, how often they are reaching out, who they are reaching out to, the materials they are presenting and finally if the prospect has taken meaningful action based on their efforts? MapVine® provides this capability.

Said another way, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are great. However, many times they end up being being used to track lagging indicators of sales success (opportunities) not leading indicators of sales success (prospecting volume). Reason being – it is a time drain for Sales Reps to document within the CRM their prospecting activities….time that could be spent selling. With MapVine® prospecting activities are auto captured.

Key things your company should know about MapVine®

  • MapVine® can integrate with your CRM tool.
  • MapVine® provides Managers with Canvas-viewing capabilities for the teams that they oversee.
  • Sales Reps can share the Canvases with their Clients at the click of a button.
  • Client activity reports are available at the click of a button.
  • MapVine® can provide an internal-only view containing fiber maps, on-net locations and other aspects that assist the Sales Rep discussion with their Client.

Marketing Leaders

Are you still arming your Sales Reps with static product sell sheets and info-graphics about your company? Do you continue to blast out generic material via your marketing automation tool with a 2% click-thru rate? Are the leads you do generate largely ignored by Sales Reps?

If yes, you may want to consider MapVine®. Every Canvas we dynamically create is “custom content” about the prospective client (their logo, their brand, their locations). We can embed all your marketing materials within Canvases (e.g. sell sheets, info-graphics, videos, etc.), and MapVine® tracks Client digital activity.

Key things the Marketing Department should know about MapVine®

  • MapVine® is a Client collaboration platform.
  • MapVine® offers multiple Canvas templates which the Sales Rep can choose from. For example – Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Voice, Cloud, Wide Area Network, etc.
  • MapVine® offers multiple email templates which the Sales Rep can choose from, including HTML or text-based.
  • MapVine® offers Client-centric emails with links to the Canvases, or we can provide you with links to the Canvases to send from your marketing platform.