You work hard to develop new products & keep existing ones relevant and top of mind with the Sales Reps. Once you launch a new product do you ever wish you had more control over how the product is presented to the market. Specifically, the mechanism used to present the product and a view into how often it is being presented?

If yes, you may want to have your company consider MapVine. Specifically, with MapVine your hard work and creativity is not boiled down to a static product sell sheet or info-graphic. With MapVine get input into how & how often your product is presented to the market.  

Key things Product Managers should know about MapVine:

  1. We can develop product specific Canvases. As an example, Canvases that speak to Security, Hosting, VPN or Cloud, etc. and have the associated marketing collateral embedded. 
  2. We allow you to define how products are proactively applied to the design upon initial Canvas generation. For example - you can specific that products are applied to sites based on site type (e.g. Headquarters, Data Center) or site size based on number of employees at the location.
  3. After initial Canvas generation the Sales Rep can modify the design as they see fit. The Canvases are 100% dynamic allowing both customer locations and the products applied at those locations to be modified with a few clicks. This can be done on an iPad at the local coffee shop.

MapVine Canvases foster cross departmental cohesion. Specifically, all key departments can collaborate and provide their input as to what they would like to see. As an example, products to be applied, product application rules & marketing collateral, etc.