Are you still arming your Sales Reps with static product sell sheets & info-graphics about your company? Do you continue to blast out generic material via your marketing automation tool with a 2% click-thru rate? Are the leads you do generate largely ignored by Sales Reps?

If yes, you may want to consider MapVine. Here's why - every Canvas we develop is "custom content" about the prospective company (their logo, their colors, their locations), we can imbed all your marketing materials within the Canvases (e.g. sell sheets, info-graphics & videos, etc.), and we track & report on all digital activity.

Key things Marketing should know about MapVine:

  1. MapVine does not view itself as a marketing automation tool. We are a sales empowerment / customer collaboration platform. We are unique in our capabilities.
  2. We develop multiple Canvas templates which the Sales Rep can choose from. For example - Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Voice, Cloud, Wide Area Network, etc. 
  3. We develop multiple email templates which the Sales Rep can choose from. For example - Image based or plain text. 
  4. Similar to marketing automation platforms MapVine can blast out emails with links to the Canvases. Alternatively we can provide you with links to the ecosystems and you can blast them out with your existing marketing automation platform. The big difference is that with MapVine the Sales Rep gets an immediate activity notification if someone clicks-thru. 

MapVine Canvases mitigate common pain points for these departments - Product, Marketing, Sales Reps, Sale Leaders & your Customers / Prospects. Continue reviewing this website to see how.