View the screen shots below along with the associated description of the what they represent. Click on the image to enlarge it. Additionally, if you would like a live demo of our product we would be happy to set it up. Use the "Contact Us" page on this website and we will quickly reach out to you.


MapVine Portal - all MapVine Users get a portal. The portal is where the Canvases are housed. Sales Reps only see the Canvases that they own, Managers see all the Canvases for the Sales Reps on their team. Marketing has a view into all Canvases.

Help Desk (support ticket) - from your portal it is easy to submit a help ticket. Simply click the support button, submit the form, and MapVine will quickly reach out and give you a helping hand.

Map Page (US Army) - Canvases work great for local, state & federal government. MapVine works for companies with two locations or twenty thousand locations.

Site List Page - in addition to plotting all of the prospects location in the Map view we also provide a site list view. From this view it is easy for the Sales Rep to add & delete sites one at a time or in bulk.

Inside a Site (Solution Tab) - the solutions tab is where you land when you first open up a specific site. This tab illustrates the products associated with the site. For each product the associated PDF sell sheet is embedded.

Add a Site Button - MapVine makes it easy to add a site one at a time or in bulk by uploading a list of sites. The image below shows how the Sales Rep can add a site one at a time.

Report Drop Down - Managers can access the primary reports from their portals. See the Global Canvas & Global User activity reports in the image below.

Canvas Navigation Sidebar - the MapVine Canvas can be navigated by clicking on the tabs on the left hand side of the Canvas.

Map Page (drill down) - Canvases make it easy to drill down and show your prospect where their office locations are in relation to key assets.

Welcome to MapVine email - whenever MapVine creates an account for a User we send them a Welcome Email with instructions on how to login to their portal.

Inside a Site (Summary Tab) - the summary tab within a site is where the Sales Rep can add, move and delete products from the site.

Canvas Ready Email - every time a Canvas is activated the Sales Rep who owns the Canvas receives an email notification from MapVine. 

Company Search - click the "Add a New Canvas" button within your portal and then type in the name of the company you would like a Canvas for. Pick the company you want and MapVine will generate the Canvas.

Overview Page - this page provides a C-Level roll up view of the solution being proposed by your company. Specifically, the page show products & product quantity in either a Proposed, Current or Future state. When a product is clicked on the associated PDF sell sheet pops up. This page changes automatically when changes are made to the design. The look and feel of this page can be defined by MapVine customer.

Map Page (Schneider Electric) - Canvases provide a global view of your prospect. Each circle on the map has a number in it - this represents the number of customer locations under the circle. Click the circle and you drill down into the map to see the locations. Click a circle with one location and the office opens up so that you can add products to the location.

Map Page (embed video) - it is easy to embed video right into the Canvas Map. For example - if you click on a Data Center you can take a virtual tour of that data center. 

Contact Us Page - each Canvas is owned by a specific Sales Rep. MapVine puts their title, email address, phone number & Linkedin photo in the Canvas. The look and feel of this page can be specified by MapVines customer.

Inside a Site (Product Spec) - the product spec tab within the site is where the account team & customer can capture site & product specific information. Data that is generally captured by emails spreadsheets back and forth.

Edit a Site - MapVine makes it easy to modify the information associated with a specific site. Simply click the edit button the change the information and hit save.