Four Things Fortune 100 Buyers Wished You Did - Forbes

Large enterprise can easily spend upwards of $1M a month on network services. However, many times there is a value gap between what they spend and the corresponding documentation they receive. Specifically, the industry norm is to depict an ever evolving complex set of variables & opportunities via tools that are no longer up to the challenge (i.e. Powerpoint, Excel & Visio). At MapVine we develop dynamic, cloud based, B2B ecosystems (we call them Canvases) that clearly depict (down to the branch level) what they purchase today, what is currently being recommended and what they have said they have an interest in in the future. The Canvases encapsulate all the C-Level information in a custom, fully collaborative, ecossystems (branded with their logo, etc.) which are available to your customers 7x24x365. If you would like to learn more please contact us -